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As working from home becomes the new normal, the crew at MiddleChicks feels your pain. So here are a few tips from MiddleChicks on working from home in the time of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and social distancing.

Lower Your Expectations

First of all, lower your expectations about working from home. You know how people think business travel is exciting until they are stuck in an airport with nothing to eat but Cheetos and Diet Coke for two days. Working from home sounds dreamy until you actually do it.

Don’t read any of the recommendations about how your home office should look, including some of my favorite online sites but just laugh and move on! Home office and beautiful are never in the same sentence. Runaway from any advice about how to dress while working at home.


Any article on “dressing for success” while working from home should be deleted immediately and the authors should be posted on Twitter ASAP for brutal ratio treatment. The actual WFH dress code has been illustrated perfectly by Tyler Feder. To see more amazing illustrations from Tyler Feder, visit Roaring Softly or follow her on Twitter.

Coffee and More Coffee

When you work from home, caffeine from coffee is the magic juice that allows you to function properly. One of THE BEST coffee mixes ever is Caffeine Freak. You can order some of this heavenly blend from Local You’ll thank me later!

Excessive “Mom Texting”

Most of us Middle Chicks have adult, college or teenage kids. Working from home brings out excessive mom texting in all middle-life mothers. Nobody wants to “excess text” but it will happen. Within days you will be texting your kids about the dog and memes you found on Twitter. This is normal excessive mom texting behavior.


However, when your excessive texts slide into reality TV—you need to STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE. Multiple texts about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are a bridge too far! This tough love is to save you from making the mistakes I’ve made due to excessive mom texting! On the left, an excessive text to my youngest daughter about our a**hat pug Peanut. On the right is a text to my middle daughter, about Tyler and Hannah from The Bachelorette. Walk away! Friends don’t let friends excessively text kids about reality TV, Look for more work from home survival tips in a few days! Be safe!

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