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Here’s What I’m Thinking About…

We all have stories. Some of those stories we carry around inside of us, others we share. Some stories we’d like to share, but don’t want to tell them to the world with our names attached. Many of us write to express our experiences, our feelings, our fears, our discoveries, our worries, our joys, our stories of healing, and our stories of survival. And Here’s What I’m Thinking About is designed to help you do that, anonymously.

Back to our stories. Some of the stories we carry around in our heads are about our relationships, divorce, kids, finances, etc., and our experiences navigating those things, which is not always pretty and perfect, in spite of what you might see on Instagram.

Some of our stories are about domestic violence situations we’ve endured, or personal issues we’ve struggled with (and are often still struggling with). Some of our stories are about affairs we’ve considered or affairs we’ve had.

Some stories are about anxiety and depression, and other mental health issues that we don’t talk about often enough. Some of those stories are about being LGBQT in a world that’s often not ready for that, or having children navigating those waters.

Some of our stories are about raising strong, confident girls, and respectful, strong, confident boys and the challenges that raising children present that we might have never thought about until they happen to us.

Some stories are about aging, and conquering the fears and dealing with the inevitabilities of being 40, 50, 60, 70 and beyond — midlife is something we all define differently, you know, depending on where we happen to be in our individual lives and aging journeys. Weight management, mood changes, peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause—all these physical stages and changes that we all go through in own our time and at our own pace can be confusing, frustrating, and downright infuriating. Writing about those things helps. Writing about them anonymously can often make it easier.

We often keep quiet about things like weight loss tactics, anti-aging tactics like Botox, fillers, procedures, surgeries, etc., because we are embarrassed to talk about them, to open a door on our personal vanity lest people judge us harshly. We say the heck with that, let’s talk about those things and help one another through this crazy business of midlife because we are, most definitely, stronger and smarter together.

Writing helps get sh*t out of your brain and into the world, where it can sometimes be helpful as part of processing what’s going on in your head. We know we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know, right?? And as you also know, sometimes being able to share our most private, personal stories with others is a bit like therapy for many of us. Being able to share them anonymously, even more therapeutic.

So you are welcome here. Your stories are welcome here. And your privacy will be completely respected here. No judgments, no recriminations, no “I can’t believe you shared that” will ever happen in this space. To submit an article for Here’s What I’m Thinking About, fill out the form below and cut and paste the article into the box. We publish most of the submissions we receive, but reserve the right to not publish any submission for any reason. We won’t communicate with you about the timeline for your post being published to respect your anonymity, so be sure and go over to the blog and hit the “subscribe” button.

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