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We’ve pulled together a list of Mother’s Day gifts for midlife moms. Buying a gift for a middle-aged mom is different from the early days of motherhood. The days of celebrating motherhood with macaroni necklaces and finger paintings are long gone. Gifts for MiddleChick moms require a different approach. Mother’s Day can be an emotional day for midlife moms. Many of us have lost our own mothers, and in midlife our “kids” are teens or in college. MiddleChick moms love gifts that keep it real with a side of humor. Here is how you can buy your  favorite midlife mom a Mother’s Day gift that will make her feel appreciated.

Recognize Her Passions or Hobbies

Give a gift that recognizes one of her passions or hobbies, outside of being a mother.  Is she politically active? Does she love to run?

A gift that acknowledges some of the things that she loves (outside of her family) would make her feel appreciated.

For example, one of my passions obsessions is Game of Thrones. A Thrones-themed gift like a t-shirt (I drink and I know things) for $20 or a GOT poster for $5 would make my day.

Keep It Real

Midlife mothers deal with more than the ABCs. We deal with SATs and MIPs.

Middle-age motherhood is not for faint of heart. Getting mom a gift that keeps it real, is an someone acknowledgement for a MiddleChick mother.  If you head over to Etsy you will find two of my favorite gifts ever.

Etsy shop By Tracey has the a mug that needs to go in the Motherhood Hall of Fame. At the end of the day, aren’t we all just trying not to raise as*holes? And what mom wouldn’t love to get a candle that says thank you for putting up with all my sh*t? I’d put that candle in my entryway!

Matching Gift

It’s a scientific fact—mothers love dressing their kids in matching outfits. My kids “grew” out of that stage when my oldest could outrun me.

Getting funny matching t-shirts for your mom is a personal gift–that takes your mom back to the cheesy matching outfit days.  Every mom will swoon over the t-shirt combo of the original and the remix or check out a sassy t-shirt combo over on Etsy for a mom and daughter.

Help Her Stay Healthy

It’s extra work to stay healthy in midlife. For a those Mother’s Day gift shoppers with a bigger budget, here are two health-related gift ideas for MiddleChick moms.

Get mom a DNA test that helps her eat the best food for her body. There are a number of tests in the market right now that undercover the diet that works best with each person’s DNA. Genoplate offers discounts for individuals with existing data from 23andMe or AncestryDNA, dropping the cost to around $80.

Pilates is the best exercise for the “core” or abdominal muscles but it’s a great workout for the entire body. It’s not mandatory to have a hot mama body to start Pilates either!  Club Pilates brought this amazing workout mainstream a few years ago, bringing down the price per class and allowing more people to enjoy it. Check out a Club Pilates near you and get mom a few classes!

What have I missed? What would you love to get for Mother’s Day?


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