The Eyelash Project - Middle Chicks

I consider myself low maintenance in a high maintenance way. Let me explain…

  • I get my nails and toes done.
  • I color and cut my hair and do the Japanese straightener.
  • I wax and have done the laser hair removal for the nether regions.
  • I have botoxed and filled for beauty.
  • I don’t wear makeup.
  • I don’t blow my hair dry.
  • I don’t get dressed up beyond shorts and REALLY big shirts, wear panty hose, wear dresses or skirts or wear a ton of jewelry.
  • I make my own coffee and prefer home to out.

See what I mean?

But, age is creeping up on me and perhaps I need a little something to make me look “better” most days (at least, that is what people keep telling me). The problem is I don’t want to do that little something, so I look for what I can do that might be a more permanent solution than sitting down in front of the makeup mirror.

The Eyelash Project


I am obsessed with eyelashes. I am drawn to people with fabulous eyelashes. I look at length, fullness, color and I am so envious. My eyelashes aren’t SHORT, but the face wants what it wants, and I want long, curly, luscious eyelashes that I don’t have to touch and they look fabulous and natural.

Here’s the thing, my son’s lashes are so long, they reach above his eyebrows. I kid you not, and I want them. I have a zillion mascaras. They clump and take time to put on and then when I rub my eye…mascara everywhere. No thanks.

Eyelash Extensions

I love how they look on everyone else. Curly, long and luscious. That look of always wearing mascara. Glam without being glam. I don’t even care that you can tell they are fake. I wanted them. I started to do my research and even had several appointments that I cancelled at the last minute in fear of losing my eyes from the glue or my real eyelashes falling out.

But then I found someone who I knew would be wonderful. I loved her immediately. We met Saturday evening and spent a lovely 3 hours together, me on her table with my eyes closed with her above me doing her magic on my lashes. Flitting and fluttering about I could barely feel she was even there.

When she was done I was all glamour. I left feeling great. My eyes were open and wide. I looked great. I loved them. Then I blinked and a couple fell off. I wasn’t worried though. Right?

Over the course of the evening I noticed that it wasn’t that easy to see through my new lashes, but sometimes you have to pay for the price of beauty and it was worth it. I also noticed that I made several wishes with the lashes that dropped off. Do wishes work on fake lashes?

I slept on my back, as I was instructed and when I awoke I was covered in little black hairs. I ran my fingers gently over my lashes and more lashes fluttered down to the bed. I quickly ran to the mirror, black pieces of mink floating behind me and settling to the floor.

I had about 10 left on each eye, and as I looked in the mirror those fell off. I watched as each precious lash fluttered to my nose, cheek and down to the counter. And, when all was said and done, I had turned back into me.

To say I was disappointed would be an understatement, but I was also determined. I went back to the internet in search of the solution.

Lash Growth Formula

Next up, lash growth formula. It used to be you could only get this with a prescription from a doctor, but now you can get it in a zillion different formulas. It also used to be that the main ingredient could turn your blue eyes brown. Well, I don’t have blue eyes, so I wasn’t worried about that.

I found a lash growth formula that had great reviews and from the before and after pictures it worked beautifully. I ordered it and waiting impatiently for it to arrive. I began using it on my top and bottom lashes, twice a day for good measure.

What were the results? Nada. Nothing. A big goose egg. Zero. Not even one centimeter of growth. Back again to the drawing board.

Eyelash Perm

Eyelash perm

I had never heard of an eyelash perm, but when I had a conference in Houston, one of our booths was a spa, and this was one of the services they offered. I asked a ton of questions and did my research, but honestly could find very little about it.

They day of my appointment, I laid on the table as the girl did something with my eyelashes, brushing on perm solution and what felt like taping them to my eyelid. I really had no idea what she was doing.

A quick 30 minutes later, she was done. I was sent home with two instructions. Don’t sleep on your face and don’t wet your lashes for 24 hours. I could do both of those.

It wasn’t expensive and it worked and my lashes looked good. Did they look like I had longer lashes? Maybe. Were they thicker? No. But, for the price, which was around $125 the results lasted for about 8 weeks.

Have I gone back? Sadly no. Something else I don’t like to spend time doing. Maybe one day. In the meantime, good thing I didn’t throw out my mascara.