Want to Learn How to Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Many of us aren’t familiar with energy, but energy is all around us, all day every day—and we all have an energy field. Energy is this thing that we can’t measure or see on a lab test, yet we can’t live without it. Energy is kind of like breath in that way. You are constantly breathing, but the breath itself isn’t something that you can see or really even think much about. Just as we can feel ourselves breathing, we can feel the effects of energy. We can affect our energy with what we do, what we think, and by what we are surrounded with. Not only do we affect our own energy, but we can share it with the people around us. Energy is real, it’s important, and we can both channel and attract it. That’s why the topic here: how to be the energy you want to attract, is an important one. We can control the energy that surrounds us—let’s take a look.

We Share Energy

When I talk about energy, whether to my clients or to an audience that I’m speaking with, I have a Care Bear that I use as a prop. That Care Bear is pretty special—it has sensors on each paw and when you hold its paws, the energy circuit is completed and the bear plays a song. You can demonstrate this energy circuit with just one individual and the bear, or with a room full of people. Whether you have two or 200 people in the group, when you hold hands and share energy, you can make the Care Bear sing.

How to Be the Energy You Want to Attract

Now that you see the concept of energy and the impact our shared energy fields can have on us and on one another, let’s talk about how to think about how to be the energy you want to attract. Energy can be controlled, and doing that is really pretty simple. When you want to attract a certain kind of energy, you simply need to put that form of energy out into the world. If you want to attract and be surrounded by kindness, you need to put kindness out into the world. If you want to attract happy people, put happiness out into the world—and so on and so forth.

Kindness is a Powerful, and Much-Needed Energy

Kindness is especially important to reflect on this time of year, when kids are going back to school and beginning to settle into new routines. We often hear about bullying and other cruelties that happen in school. It’s hard for everyone to look outside themselves, and for children and teenagers it can be even harder. But for their sake and ours, focusing on the energy of kindness is important. if we want to be around kind people, we need to be kind and share that energy.

The cool thing about the energy of kindness is that you can quickly and easily get started. Be intentional about kindness. Look around and notice other people who are there. Start by smiling or by saying hello. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. Try to notice what other people need help with, whether it’s opening a door or lending a helping with a heavy load, do whatever you can to help. Trust me, this expression of energy will attract like energy right back to you and your world will soon be a kinder place, happier place as a result.

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