Curious About Raising Your Vibration? Let's Explore.

Have you ever wondered about all of those memes telling you that it’s important to raise your vibration? Ever wondered how exactly you do that? Sometimes I see a cartoon image in my mind’s eye of a person standing underneath her hypothetical vibration, using her arms to push it up higher and higher. This is raising your vibration.
As an energy expert, I know a few things that are important to share with you, but let’s begin with a few questions:

  • How do you know if your vibration is authentic?
  • How do you imagine your vibration impacts you?
  • If you’re running a lot of other people’s energy in your field, how do you suppose that your vibrational quality is affected?

Attraction & Resonance

Recently, some of my students found themselves thinking about their personal vibration, questioning how it paves the way for their life experiences. Truthfully, vibration generates life’s experiences. If life is or isn’t delivering what’s desired, raising your vibration is at the heart of the issue.

In the Clairvoyance Class, we were perceiving and studying energies in the chakras and aura. (Beyond intuition, clairvoyance incorporates perceiving energy and pairing the perception with the pineal gland and 6th chakra’s ability to ‘know.’)

As we began perceiving emotions clairvoyantly in the chakras, a participant mentioned her guilt from her distant past. When old experiences are held with guilt, they inform choices made in current time. They attract and generate experiences that resonate with guilt! The opposite is also true; past experiences that are held with joy attract and generate experiences that resonate with joy.

Guilt, Joy, and Other Emotions are Raising Your Vibration

Emotions vibrate in your chakras and aura. This vibration continually attracts other situations, experiences, and people that resonate with these vibrations. Experience and beliefs make up your perception of reality. When you hold yourself in guilt or shame, you are actually resonating with the two lowest vibrations in the emotional spectrum. Those two emotions derail growth, create obstruction, and often result in a lethargic emotional quagmire. You can find yourself mired in past story instead of present, authentic creation. Raising your vibration is critical in order to survive and thrive.


Truthfully, vibration is the winning ticket in the lottery of attraction and manifestation. What do you want? Who do you want to be? What is your intention for your life? Your experiences? Your relationships?

What do you carry, hold, defend, protect, or ignore in your emotional field that keeps you from doing, being, manifesting in your experiences and relationships? Think about what is preventing you from raising your vibration.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., in his seminal book, Power vs. Force, offers substantial evidence about vibration and levels of consciousness. If you’re a student of consciousness, energy, or healing, consider adding his work to your research list.

The Map of Consciousness

Using kinesiology for measuring the body’s response to emotional fields of consciousness, Hawkins demonstrated that different emotions generate behaviors and responses in the human body and energy field. Not surprisingly, enlightenment, peace, joy and love register at the highest level of the scale. They generate responses as bliss, serenity, insight, reverence, and revelation. Also not surprisingly, guilt and shame registered at the lowest end of the scale, generating responses such as blame, destruction, and humiliation. [Hawkins Map of Consciousness, the outcome of the study can be found on pages 68-69.] It’s easy to see how simply raising your vibration leads to a happier, more peaceful existence.

HOW do I Raise my Personal Vibration?

There is so much talk about vibration in the New Age lexicon. We’re constantly encouraged to raise our personal vibration so that we can have what we want. Point taken. The question is not do I need to, but rather, HOW?

As we moved to closure on the Clairvoyance class, this wonderful participant committed to herself to release the guilt that restricts her ability to generate the life she wants. As she clears the guilt, she’ll rapidly climb the vibrational ladder to resonate in her authentic grace, attracting relationships, people, and experiences that match her intent and her frequency. Through her dedicated practice of energy clearing, she becomes who she is, and she vibrates authentically in the world. Her light (we’re all light), her energy (we’re all energy), her vibration (we’re all vibration) will serve as a beacon of attraction, and she’ll resonate with others who hold and carry similar light, energy, and vibration.

Consider what you’re carrying that’s not your vibration. Consider what you’re carrying that attracts what you do not want. Instead, be conscious with your intention, evolve your awareness, assimilate your experiences, and clear your energy field. You’ll automatically generate new opportunities, connections, and experiences.

Attend to what you’re carrying. Choose to work low vibrations through and out of your field. This practice will bring you right where you want to be: at home within the Authentic Self. And there’s no place like home.

This article was originally posted on Energy Healing Institute.