Best Fitness Apps for Workouts [in the Gym or on the Road]

Do you find it hard to get out of the office, off your phone, and get in a good workout? Are you like me, and travel a ton, but want to fit in workouts on the road? Well, thanks to some amazing fitness apps, getting off your phone is no longer a requirement if you want to get in a great workout and being on the road is no problema. These are my tested, tried and true six best fitness apps that help me get in the best workouts, from anywhere and at any time.

My Favorites — The Six Best Fitness Apps You Should Try

FitStar Yoga

You may have heard of the popular personal training app called FitStar. There’s also a FitStar Yoga app, which is a bit more specialized for Yoga lovers like me. Why does it make my list of six best fitness apps. That’s easy. It features Tara Stiles of NYC’s Strala Yoga and she’s pretty awesome. The Fitstar Yoga app is personalized to your needs based on how you rate the poses you’re given in your initial workout. You can do anything from their Yoga series, but you can also also choose from Freestyle workouts that are meant to help you work on your hips, balance, core, and specific areas you’d like to focus on.

While the free Basic level does offer access to Freestyle yoga workouts and one personalized workout every week, I recommend the paid plan. But I’ll admit that I almost always opt for the paid plans when offered—they are so much better. For $7.99 per month or $39.99 per year, you get access to many more Yoga workouts, plus the ability to change the duration and intensity of your personalized Yoga sessions. And this is a must when you have to squeeze your best workout into a busy schedule!

best fitness apps

FitStar Yoga


One of the first fitness that I fell in love with was actually on the recommendation of my nutritionist who also happens to be a fitness fanatic like me — and it’s called FitnessBuilder. It’s basically like having a tiny personal trainer that fits in your phone…or even your Apple Watch! FitnessBuilder is popular with many trainers, and literally has something for everyone, and a workout for every mood, body part, goal, time-frame, etc. When you use the free plan, you can choose from more than 400 workouts to do over a period of several weeks.

But like many fitness apps, the paid plan is even better. When you pay for Plus access, you’ll see more than 1,100 workouts. You can even make your own custom workouts by choosing from thousands of videos and pictures of exercise moves. Additionally, you can ask fitness questions, track your stats, and more. Full access is $6.99 a month and the annual rate is $59.99 a year.

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If you need flexibility when it comes to your fitness apps—and for your body, for check out Sworkit. From the moment you open this app, you can choose from strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching. Whether you pick one type of workout based on your mood at the time or try one after another, you can’t go wrong. What I love about Sworkit (and why it makes the six best fitness apps list) is that it’s customizable based on the amount of time you’ve got available to workout. You can set the duration of your workout to be anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes.

Within each category, you’ll see a few options to choose from, making it easy to customize your workout every time. For example, within the strength category, you can choose from full body, upper body, lower body, and core strength. And when you pay for premium access, you’ll get guided workout plans and unlimited customized workouts—all for $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

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Down Dog

If you consider yourself a Yogi—or would like to at least try to earn the label—check out Down Dog. It’s like going to a vinyasa flow Yoga class, except not as embarrassing if you’re still new to the basic moves. If you’re the type to get bored after a few workout sessions on the typical app, don’t worry. This app comes up with new Yoga sequences constantly so the routine is never the same!

With clear directions and great music, Down Dog provides you with a class-like atmosphere from anywhere. As always, when you opt for the premium version, you’re more likely to get your best workout since you can focus on one body part, choose a different playlist, change the pace of the workout, and more. The Pro membership is $7.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Skimble Workout Trainer

Whether you’re a beginner or an exercise expert, you deserve to get your best workout no matter where you are. Skimble Workout Trainer is one app that can make that happen. The app gives you guidance through workouts led by actual personal trainers, who give you great step-by-step instructions and lots of encouraging words.

You can get a great workout whether you stick to the free plan or pay for the premium options. The free plan offers more than 2,000 exercises and lets you create three of your own workouts. But if you opt for premium—which costs $6.99 per month—you can create your own workouts and get access to over 100 training programs developed by personal trainers.

best fitness apps

Skimble Workout Trainer

Gaia: Streaming Consciousness

This one is my favorite among the Yoga apps and there’s a reason it’s on the six best fitness apps list — it’s amazzzzzing! Not only are there tons of videos to guide your best workout when it comes to Yoga, but the videos are of top-notch quality. You also get access to documentaries, inspiring movies, and other resources to help you feel truly calm and centered after even the best workout!

The Gaia app costs $9.95 per month or $95.40 per year. This gives you access to all of Gaia’s videos via your smartphone, tablet, computer, and TV. If you’ve ever seen Gaia programming, you know it’s worth the cost! I make my children do Yoga with me using the Gaia app and they love it as much as I do.

Best of all about these six best fitness apps, you can do pretty much all of them at in your living room, in a hotel room, or at the gym. That means there are no excuses for not getting a workout in and I promise that no matter which of these fitness apps you use, you’ll really like them.

So what about you? Ready to get in your best workout, even when you don’t have much time to spare? Any of these apps, my absolutely favorite and best fitness apps, will do the job. And your body will thank you later! Iif you’ve got a favorite fitness app that I should know about, leave it in the comments — you know I want to know about it!

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