This Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette Will Rock Your World

This recipe for Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette is pretty much my new favorite thing. It makes every single salad I’ve tested it on amazing. Even better, every time I serve it, I get rave reviews. Guess it’s time to finally commit it to writing, which is hard, because I rarely measure things, especially when I’m making dressing. But for you, I will bite the bullet and measure. Here goes.

Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette


¾ cup Avocado Oil (I am using this for everything these days—I love it!)
2 Tbs Champagne Vinaigrette (or some kind of white wine vinaigrette)
Pinch of Salt
Two Pinches of Pepper
½ tsp Minced Garlic
1 Bunch Cilantro
½ to ¾ fresh Avocado

Ingredients for Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette


Blend all ingredients in blender or mini-Cuisinart if you have one. Do a taste test. Sometimes it tastes a little vinegary, so I add the tiniest drop of Stevia to sweeten it up a bit. You can also add more avocado and/or a little more oil until you get the taste to where you’d like it. Sometimes if I want it thicker, I add more avocado as well—it’s really up to you, so look and taste and play until you get it where you want it. Here’s what it looks like when it’s finished ….

Finished product - cilantro avocado vinaigrette

Where to Use this Yummy Stuff

I use this Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette on so many things I’ve lost count. I almost always serve it with a salad that has avocado in it—as if there is ever such a thing as too much avocado, right? Sometimes I add fruit, like this strawberry and blueberry salad featured here, and sometimes I add have a more veggie-focused salad, like a simple one with just sliced tomatoes and cucumbers. If I liked red onions, I’m sure that would be tasty as well, but I hate them, so that’s not happening.

This Cilantro Avocado Vinaigrette has uses well beyond just as a salad topper. My kids are fans of both fajitas and tacos in soft shells, and I make them on a regular basis, mostly with chicken as the protein, but sometimes I use shredded beef that I’ve prepped in the trusty InstantPot. No matter what protein is front and center, when it comes to assembling the fajita or taco, in addition to adding plenty of sour cream, my hooligans like to add this vinaigrette as well.

It’s thick enough so that it’s not super runny, which makes it a really nice accoutrement to any number of things. I like it so much I’ve used it on top of a sautéed chicken breast, added it to some roasted veggies like cauliflower or sweet potatoes, and even used it as a dip for veggie crudités.

Every time I use that word it reminds me of a day long ago when I was young and having an earnest conversation about cooking with a way-more-sophisticated-than-I-am friend who I was kinda sorta in love with at the time. Well, pretty much for my whole life. As we were chatting about some menu for some occasion, I used the word “crudités” and mispronounced the hell out of it. Being the good guy he is, he gently corrected me, but that word always makes me smile. How did I butcher it you ask? Fine. Of course you wanna go there. Fine. I don’t mind making fun of myself one bit. I pronounced it “Cru-DITE” … ohmygod I was so mortified to learn the correct pronunciation!!! But it’s one word I never messed up again. Thanks for that, Dan.

Bottom line, if you like cilantro and love avocados, this is one vinaigrette you need to get busy and make. And by the way, I first experimented with this vinaigrette when I was making this: Grilled Chicken Summer Salad [and Tacos] recipe and it remains my most favorite new recipe of the year. Highly recommend you give this one a try. And make the vinaigrette to go with.

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