Entertaining Tip—The Magic Way to Clean Wineglasses and Barware

It’s the holiday season and chances are good you’re entertaining a bit. I’m a bit of fanatic when I’m cooking for a crowd, and am more than a little freakish about having crystal clean wineglasses and barware. I don’t know why, but for some reason wine just seems to taste better when you’re drinking it out of a non-spotty wineglass. 

As you no doubt have experienced, cleaning wine glasses, water goblets, and other barware can often be a nightmare. There’s also not much worse than when you’re coming down the home stretch on the day of a big dinner event or holiday party having spent all day in the kitchen creating amazing things, and you’re ready to put finishing touches on your table and prep the bar. Then you spot wineglasses that somehow didn’t manage to get cleaned or dried well enough and it’s one last annoying detail to deal with when you least need it.

Here’s how to fix that, straight from the many friends who have spent long hours tending bar, serving up drinks, and cleaning up after people on the glasses they leave behind (and also from the fanatics like me, who don’t put glasses away without cleaning them this way).

How to clean wineglasses? Heat up a big pot of water on the stove. Get it to where it’s emitting lots of awesome steam. Hold your wineglass by the stem and dip the mouth of the glass into the steam, hold until the condensation is on them. Then wipe clean. I use a microfiber bartenders’ cloth specially designed for cleaning wineglasses and other barware. Voila, no smudges, no spots, no smudges, just gorgeous, sparkling, and beautifully clean wineglasses. Don’t have one yet, here’s the one I use:

How to clean wine glasses


On a related/unrelated topic, my favorite red of the moment is an E.Guigal Cotes Du Rhone. I fell full into exploring French wines during the course of the last year, and it’s really been fun to explore things beyond the California wines that I’d largely become accustomed to. If you’ve not yet discovered Cotes Du Rhone and like a nice Pinot Noir from time to time, check it out.

Wishing you and yours all the best for your holiday season and beyond—go forth, revel in family, eat, drink, and be merry—with sparkly wineglasses!

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