Living With Resilience and Managing Stress in Your Life - Webinar

Stress. Stresssssssss. Just saying the word stresses me out, what about you? Stress is a part of everyday life for most of us, and some days just getting out of bed can be a challenge. I’m not deluding myself that I’m telling you anything you don’t know here. Whether it’s dealing with clients, dealing with a job or an unexpected change of circumstances, managing kids and family life, caring for aging parents, jugging finances, worrying about all the things—you name it, we’ve all got stress in our lives as a constant, and holding on to some semblance of sanity can sometimes be challenging. But stress doesn’t have to win—and that’s where the concept of living our lives with resilience can be worth considering. Oh, I know, it sounds all light and airy, that whole resilience business, and like a really good thing, but perhaps not like a reality that’s likely to happen. Well, that’s where I’m hoping to change your mind. Living your life with resilience is possible, and I promise you can pull it off, with a little help from my friend, Janet Fouts, who is a master of mindfulness and resilience, in this webinar we’re co-hosting with our friends at Middle Chicks.

Living Your Life With Resilience — How to Actually Pull It Off

So, the concept of living your life with resilience sounds attractive, yet often unattainable, right? That’s why we need to help you change that, and that’s where my long-time friend, Janet Fouts, comes in. Janet is a mindful living coach and the author of When Life Hits the Fan, A Mindful Guide to Caring for Ourselves While Caring for Others, which also happens to be a best-selling audio book on Amazon!) Janet is an expert at life hitting the fan, and she’s used her personal experiences, as well as her experiences with clients along the way, to develop a road map to help others navigate their way out of the weeds, embrace a philosophy and a mindset of resilience, and live happier, less stressful lives.

That’s why I am so excited to feature Janet in this webinar on Living Your Life With Resilience and Managing Stress, especially during the holidays, when stress can seem at its most intense and when we can all use a little more resilience. In this webinar, Janet will help us learn to identify and understand what our limiting beliefs are, what’s holding us back, and the warning signs of poor coping. Learning these basics, learning how to look at the things that are stressors for us and develop a game plan to manage our responses is critically important. Equally important is getting good at that, and practicing and implementing these techniques on a regular basis, which will help lay the foundation for what to do, and how to be more resilient when the going gets tough.

What You’ll Learn From the Living Your Life With Resilience Webinar

Hopefully I’ve convinced that joining us for the Living Your Life with Resilience and Managing Stress Webinar with Janet Fouts on December 11, 2018 at 10:30am PST | 12:30pm CST | 1:30pm EST is the very best gift you can give yourself. I can promise that you’ll walk away from this webinar learning some very cool things, including:

  • How to use your inner resources to be more resilient in the face of adversity, at home and at work.
  • How to re-wire your responses to negative stimuli, using techniques based on positive neuroplasticity to “Take in the good” and turn it into lasting inner resources.
  • Coping skills to turn stress into an opportunity for better health and productivity.
  • How to identify your pre-set responses to specific stresses and how they affect what is really going on.
  • How to know your tolerances levels and what to do before you break them.
  • How to identify stressors and create a game plan to address them mindfully.
  • How to develop meaningful relationships with others as well as yourself.

Register For the Living Your  Life With Resilience and Managing Stress Webinar

I hope you’ll be able to join us for Janet’s webinar on Living Your Live With Resilience and Managing Stress.

Register for the webinar using this link: Register Here

We hope to see you there— but don’t worry, if you can’t make it live, you can always access the recording on demand. Make sure to register for the webinar, and we’ll see you there or get you the content, one way or the other. And once we get a chance to hear what Janet has to teach us, chances are very, very good that we’ll all manage to get through the holiday season in a more mindful, less stressed state. I’m all for that, how about you?

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