Back in the day when we were going to college, we had to fill out each of those college applications by hand. That was hard enough. Today of course, it’s all done by computer. Although the process should be easier, that’s not necessarily the case. When filling out college applications, there are a lot of moving parts, and it’s easy for things to be left off, forgotten or just left behind. After spending time with a college counselor, I realized I had to come up with something to help my teen stay organized, and that’s how the Middle Chicks College Application Worksheet came to be.

I told a few friends about the Middle Chicks College Application Worksheet and, as these things go, everyone wanted that worksheet for their own kids. As I’ve shared the College Application Worksheet, it’s been refined and perfected and now, we’re making it available to you!

We know if you have a kid who is getting ready to go to college or thinking about college, that you—and they—no doubt have a lot on your respective plates. This College Application Worksheet will help keep you both organized and on track. Thanks to me, your child will now have no excuse to not be organized, on top of, and moving forward with the process of applying to college. And if they come to you with any excuses, feel free to send them to me—I can shut that down in no time!

How the Middle Chicks College Application Worksheet Works

So, how does the Middle Chicks College Application Worksheet work? It’s super easy. Each column can be used for a different college. The Worksheet covers everything they could possibly need, including scholarships and money received. Your child can keep up with where they send their test scores, what those scores are, and which schools super score. If your child is going to apply for early decision or early admissions, the College Application Worksheet will also help them keep up with deadlines, essay prompts, and where they are in the admission process. We’ve even included a place to put the name and email address of the admissions rep for each school in your child’s area of interest.

The Middle Chicks College Application Worksheet is a no excuses worksheet that makes the process of applying to college and tracking the college application process from beginning to end a breeze. Want the Worksheet? Of course you do!!

Just fill out your name and email address, and your download will come right to you.

Let us know if you need any help with anything else, we are putting together a great list of online college resources and reps we would be happy to share. Just let us know if you are interested.

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