10 Sex Toys to Add to Your Prop Closet - Middle Chicks

For the past year, my vibrator has been my best friend. I love him. He never snores, he never talks back to me. He doesn’t hog the covers or take up most of the bed, and most importantly, he always leaves me feeling satisfied. Here’s the thing about sex toys, the possibilities are endless, and I certainly don’t know even a small bit of them, so I decided to call on a love, romance, and sexpert to give us an educated opinion on which sex toys you must have in your prop closet.

What’s a Prop Closet?

Beth Liebling, the owner of Darling Way, believes that all sex toys are the best toys and that every person should have a prop closet. Frankly, I loved the idea when she told me and immediately came home to see where I could start my prop closet full of sex toys and goodies.

A prop closet is a place where you store your sex toys, sexy time playthings and where you can let your imagination run wild. And, Beth believes, it’s never too late to play sexy, whether you are with a significant other or by yourself, mixing it up and making it exciting is a great way to keep the fires burning bright. And, she’s right. But, it’s not just about keeping the fires burning bright, sex is good for you and improves your health in many ways.

The Real Medicine Behind the Sex Toy

Okay, there isn’t any real medicine behind sex toys or having a prop closet for that matter, but it will make you feel pretty dang marvelous and magnificent. And, it’s just plain fun.

Sex Toys You Must Have in Your Prop Closet

Whether you plan for the hot time in the prop closet or it is spontaneous, Beth gave us her recommendations for sex toys that every prop closet should have.

  1. A Blindfold– Did you know that if you restrict one sense, the others are heightened and more aware? With a blindfold on, you know something is coming that will make you feel great, which leads to anticipation, more blood flow to the nether regions and intensified feelings when you get that first touch up until the orgasm. Get an old silk scarf and put it in the prop closet!
  1. A Vibrator – As I already told you, my vibrator is my best friend. Make sure that your vibrator is rechargeable. For instance, the rechargeable magic wand has attachments for men, as well as women, so it never gets boring!
  1. An Anal Plug– Did you know that your bottom has as many nerve endings as a penis? That is a lot of nerve endings, so imagine the good feelings you can have with this while you are playing in other areas that have nerve endings. The endings are endless for the rear end.
  1. High quality Hybrid Lubricant– It’s important to note that all lubes are not created equal! Which type of lube you might like is an individual preference, but an item that you should have in your prop closet for so many reasons. At Intersection M, we like Genneve, and one thing to remember is that a hybrid is best because it can be used with sex toys and on yourself.
  1. Clitoral and Penile Stimulating Gel– Let’s face it. We are in midlife. We might not have as much natural lubricant, and we might need a little extra stimulation to get us where we need to go, so, if you do, then investing in a clitoral or penile stimulating gel is a great addition to the prop closet.
  1. Handcuffs/silk tie – Just like a blindfold, having your hands tied can have that same effect and get the juices flowing… literally. Of course, for this to be effective, you do need a partner. Another great thing about handcuffs or silk ties, they are easy to find in your house, and you can just throw them in the closet with the rest of your sex toys.
  1. Rabbit fur flogger/teaser – Not everyone wants to get flogged, but it isn’t so much about that as the different sensations that your body can experience. For instance, it doesn’t have to be a rabbit fur flogger, but can be a feather. You get the idea, various sensations lead to good sensations.
  1. Nipple clamps– Now, these aren’t for the faint at heart, but if your nipples are an erogenous zone, consider these for the prop closet. What a nipple clamp does is by impeding blood flow to the nipples, it will lead to a big sensation when they are removed and can induce orgasm for some people.
  1. Prostate massager for him/kegel balls for her – These two are good sexually, and they are good for your health. Kegal balls help the pelvic floor and also with bladder leakage, and a prostate massager will lead to better prostate health. They both will lead to better orgasms, so get some for the closet.
  1. Massage candle – If you didn’t know this existed, you need to run out and get one. A massage candle serves two purposes, ambiance and warmed pourable oil. Oh, what a night and a treat!

We want to thank Beth for her recommendations! What would you add to the list?